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I broke both bones in left wrist which required a plate and screws. Dr. Johnathan wright who has performed surgery on me in the past, repaired my wrist to great satisfaction. There has been minimum discomfort and swelling. Furthermore, his skills are so good all I needed to take for pain was Tylenol. We are so lucky to have a surgeon with his skill set in our area.
- Jimbo Waddell (Broken Wrist)
Dr. Goodman and his staff have always been nothing but professional and make you feel like family. He has replaced both of my knees and performed carpal tunnel on both hands and did a great job! I'm now pain free in both knees and hands! Absolutely love Dr. Goodman and his Staff!
- Charles Lowery (Carpal Tunnel and Both Knees Replaced)
The hands are needed, by design; When injured, it's a pain. So thank you, James, for getting mine Back into use again!
- James Hatcher (Hand Therapy)
Thank you Charlie and Angie for working So hard on my back today (2/14/2020) to help me feel better. Both of you are awesome!!!
- Bridget Riley (Physical Therapy)
Dr. Hovater and his team gave me a total knee replacement on March 5 of 2019 I can't say enough about before care and after surgery care! It is now April 22, 2019 and I'm doing everything I want to do. I'm so pleased going to give the other knee one in few months. Big Shout out to ya'll and a big thank you!
- Sherrie L Brown (Total Knee Replacement)
I am very pleased with the staff, nurses and doctors at NABJC. Everyone I have seen and talked to are very kind, professional, and treated me with respect. I had postponed the carpal tunnel release surgery for a long time, not because I was afraid of surgery, but I really dreaded the whole process of getting to the point of surgery. I also didn't want to be out of commission for the healing time. For others like me who have these reasons for postponing treatment, don't put it off any longer. The staff and physicians at NABJC have been great! Two weeks after surgery for carpal tunnel release on my left hand, the incision is almost completely healed and I have no pain or numbness. Surgery on my right hand was done 24 hours prior to writing this testimonial. I have very little pain from surgery and had the best night of sleep I have experienced in years. No more waking up with aching and numbness in my hands. I'm sure all the physicians and nurses at NABJC are great. I can personally recommend Dr. Stephen Howell and Dr. A.E. Joiner for their expertise in improving my physical health and quality of life.
- Mark Whitley (Carpal Tunnel Release)
I love Dr. Hovater! He has done two wonderful surgeries on me. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great doctor.
- Cheryl Cole (Carpal Tunnel Release and Torn Meniscus)
Dr. Goodman did a phenomenal job on my carpal tunnel release on both of my hands. I have not had any more pain or numbness since the surgery and for that I am truly grateful!
- Alison L (Carpal Tunnel Release)
Dr. Jonathan Wright performed Rotator Cuff Surgery less than two weeks ago. Since my surgery I have not had any major discomfort. Furthermore, I have not needed nor taken any prescribed pain medicines for pain or discomfort. His professionalism and skills as an orthopedic surgeon is top in my book. I had my surgery and went back to work sooner than I ever expected. I highly recommend Dr. Wright.
- Jimbo Waddel (Rotator Cuff Surgery)
The purpose of my note is to thank you for 35 years of great medical care. Because of your efforts and those of your associates at B&J, our quality of life has been much higher and we truly appreciate all that you have done keep us working and moving about without pain. My recent total knee replacement that you handled has been a complete success. We were in Knoxville this past weekend. Our youngest son, who is an orthopedic surgeon with Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic, had me show him a few movements to see my knee progress. He was very pleased and said that we were lucky to have access to the physicians and therapists at Bone and Joint Clinic. When I started my therapy with at the B&J outpatient rehabilitation, Jenna and Dana told me what I needed to do and they showed my progress at every session. They were very professional and knowledgeable. And, they gave me more time at each session that I expected. There were sessions when I was completely exhausted but they encouraged me to keep working harder and it really paid off. I could not have had a better experience. I sure hope that you will share my enthusiasm and appreciation for these two individuals with their supervisor.
- Gerald Crawford (Total Knee Replacement)
After working on the surgery floor at ECM, I can't think of a better group of Orthopedic Doctors! When my knee started bothering me in January of 2012, I knew exactly where I was going. I couldn't ask for better care. Dr. Hovater was great, wasn't quick to jump into surgery, which I loved.. However, in October 2012 we decided to go ahead with the knee surgery, once again I couldn't ask for better care! Whenever my family has an orthopedic need the first doctors we think of are the ones at NABJC! Thanks Dr. Hovater and the rest of NABJC!
- Brooke Stutts (Knee Surgery)
Whenever anyone in my family has an orthopedic need the first people we think of are the folks from North Alabama Bone and Joint. Dr. Neil Clement operated on me in the early 80's.(Knee) Dr. Gilbert Melson operated on my daughter in 2009.(Knee) Dr. John Mann has treated both my wife and myself. My wife had a shoulder problem and I had an elbow injury. He has operated on both of my daughters who each have had ACL repairs and one of them has had a meniscus repair, all with wonderful success. My mother-in-law was seen by Dr. Young who repaired a severe broken leg with the same great success. My 87 year old father was treated there for a hip problem. The treatments he received helped him tremendously. The North Alabama Bone and Joint group is highly professional and has a class operation. They treat their clients with kindness and respect. I highly recommend the Doctors and staff of the North Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic.
- Miles Stutts (Surgery)