Workers Compensation

At North Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic, we work diligently to provide care for those injured on the job. We strive to provide fast and effective treatment to minimize time lost. Please remember to educate employees on your policies and procedures.

Before Your First Visit

  • All Workers Compensation appointments must be made by the employer, please do not schedule your own appointment. Not following the proper procedures could adversely affect your Workers Compensation
  • Bring all x-rays and MRIs to your appointment along with a written report
  • Insurance Card and Information
  • Co-pay
  • Valid Photo ID (ex. Drivers License)
  • Referral from your primary care physician (Your employer will need to schedule the appointment to your primary care physician too.)
  • List of medications
  • Any medical history that may be helpful during your examination

For additional Workers Compensation questions, please contact our Work Comp Specialist at (256) 718-3200 ext. 322.

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