Physical Therapy

As an orthopedic provider, we proudly offer physical therapy amongst our list of services. Physical therapy is a type of treatment option that is used for patients who experience difficulty performing everyday tasks as a result of an injury or ailment. The goal of physical therapy is to help reduce pain while improving function and ultimately quality of life. Physical therapy is a great tool to ease ICL pain, MCL pain, joint pain, tendonitis pain (tendonitis treatment), carpal tunnel pain, and more. Physical therapy is also used to improve mobility after a stroke, accident, or injury.

During physical therapy, therapists will incorporate a variety of techniques such as heat, ice, ultrasound, therapeutic exercise, and electrical stimulation. Typically, therapists will combine two or more techniques to achieve the best results. Another important aspect of therapy is patient education, patients will be taught the correct way to lift things, modifications to their day-to-day activities, and may also be assigned exercises to continue the treatment plan at home.

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